How It Started

In 2022, Food Quest established the Leisure Quest division with a primary goal:

To develop and drive premium fine dining concepts in the UAE with upcoming luxurious destinations to follow, including Morocco, Marbella, Lisbon, London, Paris, Monte-Carlo, and Mykonos.

Leisure Quest encapsulates the genuine essence of hospitality, crafting experiences that transcend limits and exceed expectations. The group is driven by passion, innovation and creativity, we establish groundbreaking standards with luxury concepts. Guests are invited to embark on journeys to explore exceptional and authentic cuisine, revel in spectacular entertainment, and experience unparalleled service.

What Sets Us Apart

International Industry Expertise

Our team of hospitality experts have extensive experience from local and international perspectives, enabling us to meet the needs of our clients effectively.

Creating authentic and unique experiences

We offer exceptional hospitality concepts, entertainment acts, and culinary excellence through our three divisions -
Dining, Entertainment and Experience

Sustaining & developing business growth and profitability

We offer a distinctive range of profitable and eco-friendly services and products. Our focus on long-term and scalable growth strategies is achieved through smart investments in new technologies, personnel, and other growth initiatives.